T10100 Industrial rubber sheet
T10200 Colorized rubber sheet
T10300 SBR rubber sheet
T10400 Neoprene (CR) rubber sheet
T10500 Nitrile (NBR) rubber sheet
T10600 EPDM rubber sheet
T10700 Silicone rubber sheet
T10800 High tearing resistance silicone rubber sheet
T10900 VITON (FKM) rubber sheet
T11000 Natural(NR) rubber sheet
T11100 Oil-proof rubber sheet
T11200 Insulation rubber sheet
T11300 Acid & alkali bearing rubber sheet
T11400 Inflaming retarding rubber sheet
T11500 Anti-corrosive lining rubber sheet
T11600 Hot & cold bearing rubber sheet
T11700 Water-proof rubber roll
T11800 Anti-static (ESD) rubber sheet
T11900 Food grade (FDA)rubber sheet
T12000 Hypalon rubber sheet
T12100 Butyl(IIR) rubber sheet
T20100 Fine ribbed rubber mat
T20200 Wide ribbed rubber mat
T20300 Low round stud rubber mat
T20400 High round stud rubber mat
T20500 Square stud rubber mat
T20600 Anti-slip matting with hole
T20700 Anti-slip matting with triangle pattern
T20800 Anti-slip & anti-fatigue matting
T20900 Willow / Diamond rubber mat
T21000 Fine & wide rib rubber mat
T21100 Super width rib rubber mat
T21200 Checker rubber mat
T30100 Fabric insertion rubber sheet
T30200 Textured rubber sheet
T40100 Strip rubber (Skirtboard)
T40200 Square rubber plate
T40300 Customized rubber mat
T40400 Rubber products
Fabric insertion rubber sheet
FEATURE:TH30101 cloth insertion??TH30102 nylon cloth insertion??TH30103 metal mesh insertion high strength and small distortion
APPLICATION: It can be used for punching sealing parts,rings and light conveying bells.

Specification: 1.5~80mm????2000mm(TXW)
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